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Business Development

With A2B Energy

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We are a unique regional representative company that brings you an unparalleled understanding of the region, thanks to our regional presence with offices in Dubaï - UAE, Dammam - KSA, Tripoly – Libya, Casablanca – Morocco.

Together with our partners, we are strategically positioned throughout the Middle-East and the North West Africa region to bring an unparallel market access.

We boost your business by connecting you with market key decision makers, and this, thanks to our 25 years regional business development experience and expertized in the Middle-East and North Africa

Our sucess relies on the quality of our manufacturing partners, that allow us to bring you the best products and solutions, such as :

  • Industrial air treatment and cooling solutions

  • Medium voltage Electrical motors and Drives

  • Power transformers

  • Industrial and electrification cables 

  • Acoustic enclosures and Exhaust silencers,

  • Gas turbine spare parts

  • ...

Our regional representative network together with our international partners, allow us to provide strong offering and professional services to our customers across the Middle-East, Africa and Europe.

We continuously and proactively investigate and select the best worldwide manufacturers to support the regional needs.

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