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Air Separation Plants

By  A2B Energy


Welcome to A2B Energy – your ultimate destination for cutting-edge engineering solutions, innovative design, efficient commissioning, and precision fabrications from leading manufacturers in the gases industry. As a renowned manufacturer and industry trailblazer, we stand at the forefront of innovation, committed to transforming your concepts into tangible realities within the gases sector. With a robust foundation of expertise in manufacturing, we cater to a diverse range of sectors, providing an all-encompassing suite of production lines designed for seamless assembly.


At A2B Energy, we understand that each project comes with unique challenges and aspirations, especially in the dynamic gases industry. That's why our dedicated team of professionals, backed by our manufacturing prowess, is not only equipped with technical excellence but also driven by a passion for manufacturing excellence. Whether you're in need of avant-garde engineering designs that push the boundaries of possibility for gas-related projects, meticulous fabrications from our expert manufacturers that adhere to the strictest industry standards, or a streamlined commissioning process that ensures optimal performance in gas production, we have you covered.


Our track record of successful projects and satisfied clients within the gases sector, powered by our top-tier manufacturing capabilities, speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality. As you explore the diverse spectrum of services we offer, tailored specifically for the gases industry, you'll discover that A2B Energy is more than just a company – we're your strategic manufacturing partner in driving innovation, growth, and success in this specialized field.


Let A2B Energy, in collaboration with our leading manufacturer status, be the catalyst that transforms your ideas into extraordinary engineered solutions within the gases industry. Contact us today to embark on a journey that merges vision with reality, propelling your gas-related projects to new heights of achievement.

   With the air separation plan market growing from ~5 billion USD in 2023 to close to ~7 billion USD in 2030, the need for air separation plants enjoys constant and regular increase thanks to growing demand of industrial gases like oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

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      These industrial gases increase is mainly coming from, but not limited to end-users active in the steel, chemical and Oil & Gas industries.​ To support this constant demand, A2B Energy brings together state of the art solutions to provide you with the best Air Separation solution based on Cryogenic Air Separation unit specially made to provide you with quality gaseous oxygen, Nitrogen and other gases as it maybe be required.​Our Air separation units are built using cryogenic rectification process, in which the air is brought down to -195°C and almost liquefied.

ASU-plant 1.png

This process allow us to separate each air components based on their respective boiling points. Each gases and therefore available at very high purity ready to be used at several end-use application be it industrial or medical use.​The provided plants can be customized as it maybe required be generally consist of Oxygen & Nitrogen production units, Storage system, Its auxiliary equipment for the liquid transportation and a filling station.​

Turnkey approach

We handle your project on a trukey basis approach from a very early stage feasibility study, detailed engineering, followed by the selection and sizing of required equipment as per your requirements, as per site conditions and end use.

Step by step project execution in full coordination with your project team, delivery, erection and comissioning.

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